Business need

A leading Telecom service required to upgrade their eCommerce applications from .Net to Cloud. Microsoft Azure was the chosen cloud platform. A vendor was identified to implement the cloud solution. For this SOW, the client needed a technical team of analysts and project managers to assist in the lift and shift of critical applications to the cloud. This client also needed consultants that are experts in Agile software delivery.


    • Legacy applications incorporated custom code that needed to be addressed.
    • The development teams were stretched in performing SME roles. 
    • There was a lack of Agile knowledge and practices throughout the organization.

Our solution

CimpleSoft consultants partnered with the client to lead the lift and shift effort of critical applications to the cloud.


The successful lift and shift was accomplished in the scheduled time.

The successful Agile transformation allows the technical teams to better adapt to and accommodate business needs.


.Net, JAVA, MS SQL Server, C#, , Slack, Atlassian, Microsoft Azure, Amdocs, SOA, TIBCO

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