Business need

Our utility client currently serves more than 500,000 customers in a 24,000-square-mile service area. There was a demand for smart-grid measures to enhance transmission and distribution set new expectations for the client. Megawatt-demand varies throughout the year peaking in summer at 3,200 Megawatts, with winter loads at 2,200 Megawatts. Accurate and real-time tracking of customer usage information is critical to helping the company achieve its mission of committing to the needs, safety, and success of its customers while reducing peak demand.


    • Integrate with existing Outage Management System, GIS and other legacy systems.
    • Build project documentation for capturing requirement and design that’s scalable and usable by other projects.

Our solution

CimpleSoft collaborated with the client to publish a feasibility study for the update, optimization, and support of the Customer Improvement Management System (CIMS). The process involved the project initiation, needs assessment, requirements, market analysis, construct, and presentation.

Two alternative solutions were evaluated.

    • Oracle CRM On-Demand
    • SAP CRM


The implementation of a new CIMS using SAP’s CRM product was recommended. Data from multiple sources is effectively integrated and distributed. The new responsive system enhances client’s ability to adapt to changing demand, create targeted marketing campaigns, reduce costs, move towards a smart-grid framework, and increase reliability and transparency. These company improvements, utilizing industry standards, open doors to innovation and service support.


Tools that were used for this project: Oracle, SAP EDW, GE (Outage Management System), ArcGIS, SynerGEE, Microsoft SQL Server, Cognos, LAMP, Exchange, SharePoint, SCADA

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